Ducati Tech – #6

Ducati Superbike Termignoni Sound Off – Panigale, 1098S, 749Bp & 748

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The one I promised last week has arrived along with the Sun, turn up the volume and let your ears bleed (Especially with the 1098S!!! 😜) This is a battle of the Termignoni systems that I have fitted to my 3 track/race bikes and road going 749. The bikes are: Ducati Panigale – Full Termi system 80mm with open Ally Cans Ducati 1098S – Full Termi system 70mm with open Carbon Cans Ducati 749Bp – Half Termi System with Open Carbon Can Ducati 748S – 45mm system with Open Termi Cans 45mm Let me know in the comments which one you prefer sound wise. Cant wait to get them back out on track and let them sing again as any good Ducati should. Click Like, comment below and Subscribe to the channel for more Ducati related content. Enjoy 👍😎 #Ducati #Termignoni #DucatiTermiSystem
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