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Ducaticlubrace GB 2014

Ducati Club Race 2014

Dear Ducati Club Racer, race fan, Ital or classic bike enthusiast,
This year’s Ducati Club Race is held on 16, 17 and 18 may. Below you find an update on the Ducati Club Race: the racing classes, entry fees, changed regulations. Many things remain the same as last year. We also have added some things that will make the race weekend of the year even more fun. Just keep on reading.  

Race classes
The racing classes remain roughly the same as last year. Good news for the 4 cylinder Aprilia and MV Agusta riders: from now on the Thunderbikes racing class is open for all Italian bikes. For detailed description, see below. 
At this moment the following racing classes are scheduled:

1.     Ducati 2 valve bikes (open racing class for all Ducati’s with 2 valve engines)

2.     Ducati 4 valve bikes (open racing class for all Ducati’s with 4 valve engines and the D16)

These two racing classes are Ducati only. Based on your qualification, you race in one of the following races: Ducati open A, B or C, Desmo Quattro (for the fastest racers on a 4 valve Ducati), Due Valvole (for the fastest racers on a 2 valve Ducati)
3. 3D-Cup (competition for Ducati’s)
4. Twincup (competition for two cylinder bikes) – provided the competition goes
5. Thunderbikes (open racing class for all Italian bikes and European / US bikes with 1, 2 or 3 cylinders)
6. Euro Classics (open racing class for classic bikes)
7. Euro Singles (open racing class for classic bikes with one cylinder)
8. NK Classics (Dutch championship for classic bikes)
9. Supermono (European championship for Supermono’s)
10. Demo (especially for first timer circuit riders / visitors of the event. You ride several laps on the track. A marshal shows you the lines. Speed depends on the group. Safety first)
Some other cup organizers have asked us for a place in the program. We’re still looking for possibilities to fit all wishes in the schedule.
All races (except Supermono) consist of two qualification sessions of 20 minutes and a race. Entry fee is €185 (DCN members receive a €25 discount). You can do an extra race on your first qualification, provided you start with the same bike. Entry fee for this race is €90 (DCN members receive an extra €10 discount).
Registration for the races opens on Monday 3 march 20.00h  (CET). You can find the registration tool on www.ducaticlub.nl.
Final Race
New for this year is the final race! In this race, the fastest 44 finishers of all racing classes pick up the glove one more time in this final race. The winner is the Ducati Club Race Champion 2014!!
The entry for this race opens during the race-Sunday and will be done in the paddock. Admission is based on the laptimes during the races. Further details follow soon.   
Regulations stay roughly the same as last year. Specific attention is asked this year for the use of a fluid absorbing mat when repairing your bike.
A second change where we’re still working on is related to the fact that we noticed with some riders in the open Ducati classes unexplainable big differences in laptimes (10 seconds per lap) between qualifying and the race. Some riders might have done this to be able to start in a lower class where they can consequently easily beat everyone and win the race. We do not tolerate this kind of behavior. We will check lap times and are working on regulations in order to prevent this kind of behavior when and if it is done on purpose. Fair play is the starting point. Further details follow soon.
Like every year, we offer a trackday on Friday. The trackday consists of four sessions of 20 minutes and a session of 3 or 4 test starts. The trackday cost €200. Entry is only open for participants of the race weekend.
Racing License
Foreign racers need a starting permit from their racing union for the Ducati Club Race.
Fanclubs, race freaks, admirers of classic bikes, Ducatisti and many other visitors will visit This year’s Ducati Club Race. You can visit us one day or more if you like. There is a camping place for visitors on the paddock. Tickets cost 12,50 for the whole weekend. You can also get your tickets in our webshop on www.ducaticlub.nl starting from 3 march.
The tariff for campers: one person, one bike and one tent cost €25 for the weekend. One person, one car + caravan or mobile home cost €40. You can arrange your camping place in the Welcome Center during the race weekend.    
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate contacting us.
See you at Assen!!
The Club Race Commission
Jeroen Ouwerkerk
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